King Lai is one of the fastest growing manufacturers for components and fittings in sanitary piping systems and vacuum technology systems. With our success and wide acceptance by our OEM/ODM customers worldwide, we further expand our services to domestic customers in China and Taiwan. King Lai-sanitary division serves customers in various industries, from daily articles of dairy, food, and beverage, to laboratory studies of chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech. King Lai vacuum products are also valued highly by customers in vacuum technology, scientific instruments, laboratory research, and aerospace industries. With our recent success in research and development, King Lai vacuum division further expands services to semi-conductor, solar power, and fiber optic industries. King Lai products are manufactured to meet different regional standards and custom-built products are available upon request.

King Lai's research and development team is constantly searching to improve our craftsmanship. With regular machinery-acquiring plans, King Lai has effectively lowered production cost and helped customers earn the greatest profit margin and market share in their regions. Our recent investment of class 10 clean room has enabled King Lai to fulfill the request of high purity and cleanness in ASME-BPE fittings and semi-conductor high purity fittings.

Module / sub-system assembly service

King Lai also provide the solution for assembly services in both OEM / ODM.
Machining abilities with module assembly or mechanism improvement design can be provided by our engineering team.
It including in package, filling, piping section in the system.

There are reference for:
- Food package module
- Pumping flow module
- Chemical gas flow module
- Load / unload module

As active members of ASME-BPE, ISPE, and SEMI, King Lai is constantly improving and upgrading to meet all technological advancement. King Lai's ISO 9001-2000 certification and 3A certification are the results of our dedication to customer service and product quality. With this in mind, we are proud to say customer success is our success.

Please contact our engineering team for further details.